Winning at new product development:
Adaptive, agile and accelerated


March 14-15, 2019 in Massachusetts

Host: Dr. Robert G. Cooper
Co-host: The Management Roundtable


About this Masterclass

Do too many of your projects under-perform? Are you missing some of the key success drivers in the way you do project development? Do you lack a solid innovation strategy for your business and feel frustrated with spreading resources thin on the wrong projects?

This two-day masterclass will empower participants to get projects right by building experimentation and iterations with regular, fast customer validations into the development process.

Attendees will gain insights into agile-scrum project management methodologies to drive dynamic product requirements and rapid strategic pivots, understand the different Stage-Gate processes, and learn how to build agile into their gating processes.


Who should attend?

This masterclass is designed for executives, senior managers and project managers responsible for maximizing the returns on their innovation efforts in the fields of innovation, business development, R&D, new products, marketing, and operations management. Applicable to manufacturers and service industries, both consumer and business-to-business products.

Any organization that has gated processes in place should be re-evaluating their approach to keep up with today’s fast-paced, super-competitive marketplace.


Learn how to:

  • Get the project right by building experimentation and iterations with regular, fast customer validations into the development process
  • Leverage agile-scrum project management methods to help with dynamic product requirements and rapid strategic pivots (scrums and time-boxed sprints)
  • Adapt agile-scrum methods for physical products
  • Understand the different versions of Stage-Gate (Lite, XPress, the risk-based contingency model, and gating for technology platforms) – how they’re different and how they work
  • Get your projects resourced properly (dedicated and focused project teams) to enable rapid iterations, time-boxed sprints and scrums
  • Be more adaptive to changing requirements; get to market faster
  • Achieve better focus – fewer but better projects — by using "gates with teeth"
  • Remove waste, bureaucracy and speed-killers in your process through lean value stream analysis




 8:00 am

Registration and continental breakfast

 9:00 am

Introductions, purpose and outline

 9:30 am

The product innovation challenge

  • The impact of new products on the company
  • Benchmarking other firms’ results – the “best” versus the rest
  • Why it is so difficult to succeed again and again

 11:00 am

Why new products succeed: The seven most important drivers of success

  • What distinguishes really successful new-product projects from the rest
  • What are the really important common denominators of new-product success
  • How to make these “success drivers” happen in your company
  • With lots of examples and illustrations to guide you

 12:30 pm

Networking lunch

 1:30 pm

A world-class idea-to-launch system: Fifth generation Stage-Gate

  • What the best new-product systems look like, and how they work
  • Really making your system work efficiently and effectively
  • Leaning down the system – making it more productive
  • Making it more adaptive – spiral development
  • Modernizing your idea-to-launch process – the next generation system

 3:30 pm

The innovation project canvas

  • A new tool to accelerate early-stage work
  • An enabler for Agile project management

 4:15 pm

Merging agile with Stage-Gate: The best of both worlds

  • Borrowing Agile methods from software development
  • Applying Agile methods – sprints, scrums, retrospects, backlogs and burndown charts – within your Stage-Gate system for physical new products
  • Results achieved for manufacturing firms

 5:30 pm

Wrap-up and networking reception





 8:30 am

Making Agile-Stage-Gate work in your business

  • Dealing with some common implementation challenges
  • Getting management buy-in
  • Evolving product definitions versus design freezes
  • Scaling up and global development teams
  • Finding the needed resources for dedicated teams
  • How to implement the new process – next steps

 10:30 am

Your business' innovation strategy

  • What a good innovation strategy looks like
  • Setting goals and objectives for product innovation
  • Deciding where to focus – strategic arenas
  • Attack plans

 12:00 pm


 1:00 pm

Portfolio management: Getting the right mix and balance of projects, and picking the winners

  • Effective project selection – various best-practice methods, including profiling, scorecards, and the productivity index
  • Getting the gates working right
  • Using strategic buckets to get the right mix and balance of projects

 3:00 pm

Creating the right climate and culture for innovation in your business

  • Making the time and resources available to people to be creative
  • Rewards and recognition
  • The right leadership

 3:30 pm

Work on the right mindset for innovation

 4:15 pm

Next steps for you -- making it work in your own company

 4:45 pm

End of the seminar



About Dr. Robert G. Cooper

The leader of this masterclass, Dr. Robert G. Cooper, is one of the most influential innovation thought leaders in the business world today. He pioneered the original research that led to many groundbreaking discoveries including the Stage-Gate® Idea-to-Launch process and he has published more than 120 academic articles and seven books, including the best selling "Winning at New Products.”

Today, Dr. Cooper is President of the Product Development Institute Inc., ISBM Distinguished Research Fellow at Pennsylvania State University’s Smeal College of Business Administration, USA, and Professor Emeritus, DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Many companies in North America, Europe, and Asia have introduced his methods, e.g. 3M, ABB, Alfa-Laval, Arjo-Huntley, Bosch-Siemens, Carlsberg, Caterpillar, Danfoss, Dow Chemical, Exxon, HP, ITT, Lego, P&G, Pfizer, Sandvik, Swarowski, Volvo Construction.


Dr. Robert G. Cooper 


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Thursday and Friday,
March 14-15, 2019


Two-day Masterclass: $1995
Includes course materials, continental breakfast, lunch, networking reception and post-workshop follow-up.
Group discounts available, please inquire.


MIT Endicott House*
80 Haven Street, Dedham, MA 02066
(617) 253-5211

Hotel accommodations

Rooms are available at a discounted rate of $175 and can be reserved online (password: MR) or by calling 617-253-5211.


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*The MIT Endicott House is a 25-acre estate owned by MIT in Dedham, MA. Roughly 30 minutes from Logan Airport, it is near many fine restaurants and activities. The mansion offers high technology facilities in a retreat setting ideal for strategic planning. In addition to full business amenities, it offers swimming, tennis, hiking, nearby golf, and an exercise room.