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Agile Stage-Gate
by Dr. Robert Cooper

22nd & 23rd May 2017
Amsterdam Airport, the Netherlands

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Designing the Next Generation Idea-to-Launch Process

In this two day masterclass, Dr. Cooper will share how firms are moving beyond traditional Stage-Gate® systems to make processes more agile, lean, and responsive to customers.

Specifically, he will cover how to:

  • Leverage Agile project management methods to help with dynamic product requirements and the need for rapid strategic pivots
  • Get the project right by building experimentation and iterations (scrums and time-boxed sprints) into processes
  • Use customer feedback during iterations to launch the right product
  • Reconcile contradictions between Agile principles and Stage-Gate® (for example, pre-planning versus planning on-the-fly)
  • Modify both models to yield a single effective system
  • Adapt Agile methods to accommodate physical products

Date: 22-23rd May 2017

Location: Amsterdam,
The Netherlands

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Brings a lot of clarity into what Agile really is and how to use its concepts to make product development much more efficient.

Nicolas C., Vice President of Strategy, Triode


The Masterclass at a Glance


Monday, 22nd May

  • Why Stage-Gate & Why Look Beyond - Are Current Idea-to-Launch Methods Obsolete?
  • Exercise: What’s wrong with the Idea-to-Launch (I2L) system in my company? What needs fixing?
  • Making Your Gating System Adaptive and flexible
  • The Agile-Stage-Gate Hybrid Model (using Agile Development for physical/ hardware products)
  • How to integrate Agile Project Management into an I2L gating system

Tuesday, 23rd May

  • How to integrate Agile Project Management into an I2L gating system continued
  • The Right I2L system - Accelerated & Faster to Market
  • Exercise: How can we accelerate our new product projects?
  • Picking the Right Projects - Integrating Agile into Effective Portfolio Management
  • Exercise: Integrating Agile into effective portfolio management
  • Exercise: Next steps for you - making it work in your own company



Day 1

Monday, 22-May

Agenda Day1


Registration & Coffee




Why Stage-Gate and Why Look Beyond

Are Current Idea-to-Launch Methods Obsolete?What a good Stage-Gate system looks like. How does it work and what are its most common issues.


Interactive Exercise A

What’s wrong with the Idea-to-Launch method or system in my company? What needs fixing?


Making Your Gating System Adaptive and Flexible

Spiral development, strategic pivots & the MVP (minimum viable product). How to take under account context, size, risk and type of projects.


Interactive Exercise B

Reflection & Exchange about Adaptive and Flexible Stage-Gate System for Your Business.


Networking Lunch


Interactive Q&A Session


Using Agile for Physical Products

What is Agile and how it works. Differences with the Stage-Gate model. When each works best. And how Agile can be integrated into Stage-Gate.


Interactive Exercise C

Reflection & Exchange about the Agile-Stage- Gate Approach.


How to Integrate Agile into an I2L Gating System

Details around the Agile Stage-Gate hybrid system. Modification needed for manufactured products. Why it works and what you should expect. Results from industry.


Interactive Q&A Session


Wrap-Up and End of Day




Day 2

Tuesday, 23-May

Agenda Day 2




Interactive Q&A Session


Agile into an I2L Gating System (continued)

Details around the Agile Stage-Gate hybrid system. Challenges in making it work & solutions.


Interactive Exercise D

Agile-Stage-Gate Hybrid Model: Key Take-Aways


The Right Idea-to-Launch (I2L) System

Lean & nimble system - value stream analysis. Accelerating with concurrent tasking. Resourcing projects properly.


Interactive Exercise E

How can we Accelerate our New Product Projects.


Interactive Q&A Session


Networking Lunch


Integrating Agile into Portfolio Management

Gates with Teeth: killing "dog" projects. How to pick the right projects: profiling and risk-based methods. Committing resources. Changes to the role of Gatekeepers. Line managers and their power with strong Agile teams.


Interactive Exercise F

Integrating Agile into Effective Portfolio Management.


Interactive Q&A Session


Interactive Exercise G

Next Steps for You: Making It Work in Your Own Company (with feedback).


Highlights of the Seminar


End of Seminar - Beginning of Implementation




This masterclass provided valuable and actionable information that I can bring back to my organization to facilitate process changes and improvements.

Howard D., Director of Global Program Management, Acco Brands

An intense day with theory, pragmatic solutions, and introspection into things we can try over the short term and longer term.

Eric W., Director of Corporate Programs, LSI Industries

Dr. Cooper, 'The Godfather of Stage-Gate,' does an exceptional job educating us on real life examples of the implementation of the agile method do's and don’t's.

David P., Vice President of Engineering, Hu-Friedy

This masterclass provided several easy-to-apply methods that could immediately be implemented, along with several others that I can take back to management to examine how they may be fit into existing processes.

Mark H., Program Manager, ZF TRW


Key benefits

  1. Discover why and how leading firms are moving beyond traditional Stage-Gate® systems.
  2. Build Agile project management into your idea-to- launch gating system.
  3. Get the project right by building in experimentation and iterations (scrums and time-boxed sprints).
  4. Integrate Agile project management with Stage-Gate® for physical or manufactured new products.
  5. Boost your project teams’ motivation and performance by fostering self-managed teams.


Masterclass Venue

Park Inn by Radisson Amsterdam Airport


Beechavenue 142-160
1119 PR Schiphol-Rijk

See the hotel website for more details.

We do not hold rooms for delegates as better rates can be obtained from the hotel booking sites.


About Dr. Robert G. Cooper

The leader of this masterclass, Dr. Robert G. Cooper, is an influential innovation thought leaders. He pioneered the original research that led to the Stage-Gate® Idea-to-Launch process and he has published more than 120 academic articles and seven books, including the best selling "Winning at New Products”.

Many companies in North America, Europe, and Asia have introduced his methods, e.g. 3M, BASF, BSH, Carlsberg, Caterpillar, D. Swarovski, DuPont, Exxon Chemicals, Henkel, Hewlett Packard, Kraft Foods, Manner, Microsoft, Lego, Voith Paper, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Siemens, VISA and many others.

More about Dr. Robert Cooper


Dr. Robert G. Cooper 


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