Interview: Scaling Agile
with Johanna Rothman

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Agile at Program Level

Today, Agile methodologies are commonly used for projects, especially in technology/IT. But what about applying them at a program/enterprise level? What benefits can be expected when scaling-up Agile? And how can an organization transition from traditional to Agile program management?

Johanna Rothman is among the few people who witnessed firsthand the emergence of Agile applied to programs, and pioneered the approach with a variety of customers.

In her book, "Agile and Lean Program Management: Scaling Collaboration Across the Organization" Johanna explains how to transition to Agile Programs, what the most common issues are - such as culture, organization, hierarchy -, and how to deal with them.

During this 45 minutes live interview, we will ask Johanna some of the most common questions customers and practitioners are currently asking around Agile Programs.


Instead of “scaling agile,” consider “scale projects to a program.” Program management is how we move from coordinating one project’s work to coordinating the work of several projects in a program. When your product requires you to collaborate across the organization, you need agile and lean program management.



A few questions we ask Johanna


  • How can "productising" a program help with applying Agile principles?
  • What scale-up Agile framework would you recommend (SAFe, LeSS, etc.)?
  • How to mix projects using different methodologies within a single Agile program?
  • How to apply Agile to the development of physical products, and not just software?
  • How to overcome the challenge of communicating in geographically distributed teams?