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Learn the Principles of Lean Product Development - A Masterclass

20 & 21 March 2018
High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, Netherlands
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With the expertise of Philip's Innovation Services, learn to plan and implement Lean and DfX strategies to achieve Operational Excellence and boost your margins

Whatever products or services your company develops and sells, we are all seeking to achieve maximum customer value, maximum profitability, lowest cost and great longevity from each and every one.

Part of this goal can be achieved through Operational Excellence and the rest comes from Design for Excellence, or DfX.

In this 2-day course, the experts from Philips will show you how your business can achieve both, and also how they can be applied to all products and services in order to achieve maximum value.

They will draw on their considerable experience and show through examples and case studies how these principles are successfully applied in one of the most innovative and diverse companies in the world.


Specifically, you will leave this session with knowledge of how to:


  • Apply basic Lean principles in Product Development
  • Improve time-to-market using Lean
  • Create your own plan to deploy Lean within your organisation
  • Apply DfX methodologies to new developments and existing products
  • Drive down the cost on your product
  • Obtain maximum customer value over product life times


Date: 20-21 March 2018

Location: High Tech Campus, Eindhoven,Netherlands



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Extremely enlightening, very practical and ahead of the curve.
That's where we strive to be!

Leyla Capitelli, Associate Director & Functional Coordinator, Johnson & Johnson.


Webinar: Driving Product and Customer Value Through Operational Excellence and DfX

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Masterclass Overview

Tuesday, 20th March

AM - You will gain an overview of the practical Lean methods which can be applied in Product development; such as Information 5S, Problem solving, Visual management, and Value Streams Mapping.

PM -  Gain insight into specific approaches for Lean in Product Development, such as Lean Planning, Knowledge management, Set-Based Engineering, and Rapid Learning Cycles.

You will also learn about bringing Lean, Agile Scrum and Lean start-up together, as well as how to deploy Lean in Product Development. 

Wednesday, 21st March

AM - We start the morning with a history of Design for Excellence (DfX), which is a holistic methodology to radically reduce product cost and increase value.
Introduction to the DfX convention 'pressure cooker' approach, which addresses challenges with pricing and margins.

PM -  Learn how to apply Design for Excellence during development stages, with application examples and DfX types, combined with practical exercises.



Learn from the Experts

Dennis Pelkman

He has experience in a diverse set of industries like chemicals, paper, consumer products, electronics, health technology and high-tech. His main expertise is implementation of (multi-)site improvement and transformation programs in diverse cultures. Dennis holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and Business Management as well as a BSc. degree in Chemical Engineering. In 2013, he finished the Global Executive MBA program at the Rotterdam Business School of Management.

Wil van Mil

Wil van Mil is Senior Innovation Consultant at Philips Industry Consulting with over 32 years of experience. His main area of expertise is process improvement by applying Lean methods in Innovation. Wil holds a Master of Science degree in mechanical  engineering from the Eindhoven University and was, as Lean Expert, heavily involved in the Philips’ Innovation Excellence program governing and deploying Lean in Philips Innovation sites.

Pieter Wesselink

Pieter Wesselink, Consultant Innovation Management, earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Windesheim University of applied science. He has over 35 years of experience in Innovation, process improvement and technology management at national and international companies. Pieter has executed many successful DFX Conventions for several businesses as leader, as well as content expert.

Jan Dikker

Jan Dikker, Senior Consultant Operations management, earned his Masters degree in Information Management at Tilburg University. He has over 35 years of experience in supply chains, procurement, service logistics at national and international companies. Jan has broad experience in Supply Chain Management and Design for Excellence Conventions. He is an expert in supply chain set-up & implementation for a variety of industries.



This masterclass provided valuable and actionable information that I can bring back to my organization to facilitate process changes and improvements.

Howard D., Director of Global Program Management, Acco Brands

An intense day with theory, pragmatic solutions, and introspection into things we can try over the short term and longer term.

Eric W., Director of Corporate Programs, LSI Industries

Dr. Cooper, 'The Godfather of Stage-Gate,' does an exceptional job educating us on real life examples of the implementation of the agile method do's and don’t's.

David P., Vice President of Engineering, Hu-Friedy

This masterclass provided several easy-to-apply methods that could immediately be implemented, along with several others that I can take back to management to examine how they may be fit into existing processes.

Mark H., Program Manager, ZF TRW


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