About the Center for Excellence



In 1996, Planisware rolled out the first iteration of its Project Portfolio Management solution with a focus on releasing a product matching the needs and processes of our audience.

Soon, however, we began to see that not all processes were created equal and we started asking ourselves what made the best R&D organizations so effective.

The longer we worked with our customers, the more we observed that many of them shared the same characteristics and these aligned with the observations of a growing number of scholars and experts in the PPM (Project and Portfolio Management) field.

We also noticed that this knowledge tended to be scattered across disciplines and lost among unsubstantiated opinion-based practices.


The idea for the Center for Excellence

A few years ago, we started to introduce keynote speeches at Planisware's user summits. Thought leaders and scholars such as Dr. Robert G. Cooper, Dr. Michael Menke and Brad Barbera were featured speakers.

But you can only go so far with two-hour speeches and our audience soon started to ask us for a more substantial event format.

At the same time, Planisware's growing footprint in the market was pushing us to raise our involvement and provide additional means to help companies grow their maturity.

So we created the Planisware Center for Excellence, a forum to discuss and share New Product Development (NPD) practices with the people who can make the most of them.



How you'll benefit

Our mission is to enable you to: 

  • Connect with top authors and business experts.
  • Network with like-minded attendees.
  • Participate in a collaborative environment, exploring and experimenting with new ideas.
  • Learn with no pressure. You will NOT receive a sales pitch. You will be kindly invited to participate in a subsequent Planisware demo reflecting the key applications from the masterclass.
  • Register at a reasonable price point. We aren't seeking to profit from this event; we intend to feature the best talent affordably.